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Ericsson in patent dispute with ZTE
Ericsson, the world’s largest mobile network equipment maker, is suing ZTE, a Chinese rival, over alleged infringements of the Swedish group’s technology patents. Ericsson has accused ZTE ...Details >>
Huawei rejects Motorola's espionage claims
US mobile phone maker Motorola is suing its Chinese rival Huawei Technologies for allegedly stealing trade secrets, an allegation Huawei rejected as "groundless and utterly without merit." In an amen ...Details >>
Taiwan Android maker battling Apple
Caught up in a battle between industry giants, the Taiwanese maker of Google's Android handsets filed a patent infringement counterclaim against Apple in mid May asking that the sale of the iPhone ...Details >>
Domestic Companies were Ordered to Pay Hefty Compensation to UK Electric Kettle maker
It proved to be more than a tempest in a teapot for two Chinese companies ordered to pay 9.1 million yuan in damages to Strix Ltd, a leading maker of electric kettle components based in the Isle of Ma ...Details >>
Shanghai Xingbake Coffee Bar
In Starbucks Corp. USA v. Shanghai Xingbake Coffee Bar Co., decided on December 20, 2006, the Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court awarded Starbucks the maximum statutory compensation of R ...Details >>
Comment on one of the Ten Typical Patent Invalidation Cases of 2014 published by the Patent Reexamin ...
Case: Invalidation of Invention Patent of “Treatment with Anti-ErbB2 Antibody” Patentee: Genentech Inc. Applicant for invalidation: Chinese individual Case summary: The patent involved in this c ...Details >>